Single Shot Shotgun, 20 Ga., 3″, 23″ Bbl, Camo Style, Pic Rail, Fiber Optic Sight

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Due to the low price, what consumers get in the American Tactical Nomad is pretty basic. The guns are built with a 3-inch chamber built on a folding action complete with an extractor and no ejector. Shooters will have to pull each spent shell from the chamber themselves. One of the interesting, innovative features of the American Tactical Nomad shotgun is the gun’s ability to fold into a compact package for storage and transport. After the action is unlocked, the barrel and fore-end swing back toward the buttstock, and a small cut-out in the bottom of the fore-end allows the trigger guard to nestle inside, making for a short, slim package that can be stashed in a pack easily.

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