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LaserLyte TLBLSG Shooting Gallery Laser Trainer Kit

UPC: 689706211813

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LaserLyte’s Shooting Gallery Laser Trainer Kit is packed with value and hours of addictive plinking fun. Including the latest trainers from LaserLyte, shooters can blaze through an entire course of fire with the Trigger Tyme Revolver. When the Quick Tyme Trainer Target’s clock starts ticking, engage the Steel Tyme and Rumble Tyme targets, then shoot the Quick Tyme target to record your fastest time. Each of the targets can also be engaged individually for specific training drills perfect for concealed carry practice. Every Laser Trainer Target in the Shooting Gallery Kit is reactive and auto-resetting, so shooters never need to get off the couch or touch the targets to keep shooting. When shot with the Trigger Tyme Revolver, the Rumble Tyme Target rumbles, rotates and radiates LED lights; while the Steel Tyme Target brings the fun of shooting steel targets to your living room.

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