Fiocchi .40 S&W 125 Grain Frangible 50 Round Box

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Fiocchi’s .40 S&W 125 grain lead free bullets are designed specifically for use in indoor ranges, steel plate shooting matches, and by police agencies for tactical training. The bullets literally crumble to dust upon impact with hard surfaces. The copper and tin composite Sinterfire bullet (containing no jacket or plating) yields the proven benefits of functional reliability (due to the bullet’s molded in taper crimp), uniform dimensions, weight, superior accuracy and repeatable performance. These loads are great for a wide range of shooting applications. Not good for self defense.Muzzle velocity: 1265 fpsVelocity at 50 yards: 1102 fpsMuzzle energy: 444 ft/lbsEnergy at 50 yards: 337 ft/lbsUses: Target Shooting, Training, Practice

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