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Burris 201001 XTR II 1-5x 24mm Obj 108-21.5 ft @ 100 yds FOV 30mm Tube Dia LMK Knobs Black Matte Illuminated XTR II Ballistic CQ Mil (RFP)

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The XTR II’s reticle is a true daylight visible reticle that helps shooters achieve maximum accuracy with 7.62/.308 ammunition. Available in either a Rear Focal Plane or Dual Focal Plane configuration, the illuminated broken circle allows for fast close-range acquisition while left and right mil hash marks aid in engaging difficult shots in crosswinds and at extended long ranges. The Rear Focal Plane design provides a constant reticle size at every magnification, ideal for close quarters shooting. You’ll be able to easily identify and engage targets at low or high power with this highly visible reticle design. The Dual Focal Plane configuration allows the crosshairs to change size with magnification, ensuring the mil measurements and trajectory lines are accurate at any power, while the illuminated center remains a constant size so you can transition between short and long-distance shooting with speed and ease. This scope has Low Mil Knobs.(LMK)

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