WBA Range Waiver and Release of Liability

I , of  

do hereby acknowledge, release, and forever discharge White Birch Ammo, LLC d/b/a White Birch Armory, of Dover, NH (“White Birch Armory”), its members, managers, employees, agents, contractors, successors and assigns, of and from any and all manner of action and actions, claims, suits, damages, judgments and demands of any kind whatsoever, whether now or in the future, at law or in equity, that results or may result from firearms or subject control products used upon the premises of or from any training or instruction on the use of such firearms and subject control procedures by White Birch Armory, its successors, employees, agents and assigns or from any other uses of firearms or subject control products by patrons of White Birch Armory.

I further acknowledge and understand that the use of firearms is an inherently dangerous activity for which it is impossible to eliminate all risks, hazards and dangers including, but not limited to, handling and being in close proximity to other patrons handling firearms, hearing damage, injury from ammunition or other projectiles and damage to property, and I knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently assume the risks of using and employing firearms or other similar products on the premises of White Birch Armory, its successors and assigns.  I have had the opportunity to discuss the risks with White Birch Armory personnel.

I further acknowledge that the study and application of firearms techniques and subject control procedures is physically demanding and requires that I possess a degree of knowledge necessary for me to engage in the activities safely and that I be in good physical condition, and free of any disability or physical condition that would prohibit my participation.

I hereby certify I have never been convicted of any domestic violence crime, I am lawfully able to possess firearms in the state of New Hampshire, I have never been convicted of a felony crime, there are no current court or police or legal orders preventing me from possessing firearms in any state. Furthermore, I am not the subject (defendant) of any protective order, stalking order, or domestic violence order. I have never received a discharge from the armed forces that was NOT honorable.   

I further acknowledge that I have read and understood the foregoing WAIVER, RELEASE OF LIABILITY and ASSUMPTION OF RISK.



  1. MUZZLE MANAGEMENT: Always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction (downrange when on the range). 
  2. TRIGGER FINGER CONTROL: Always keep your finger off the trigger until your muzzle is on target and you are ready to fire.

  3. Treat all firearms as though they are loaded. When clearing always check visually and physically to confirm it is unloaded. Always understand the status of your equipment.

  4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond/around.

  5. Hearing protection and wrap around eye protection are always required to be worn while firing. Open toed footwear and low-cut attire is not permitted.

  6. Follow any additional safety guidance provided by instructors and range staff.

  7. You are expected to use good judgment, and to refrain from attempting any exercise, which you may not be able to perform safely, based upon your own ability, equipment, prior training or physical condition.

  8. Everyone has the responsibility for range safety. If you see something wrong, immediately notify range staff.

  9. Do you have any physical disability, limitation, allergy, illness or other condition that would affect your ability to participate safely in any aspect of this program?

    (If yes, see instructor)
  10. Are you under the influence of any prescription/nonprescription drug or alcohol that would influence your safe participation in any aspect of this program?

     (If yes, see instructor)
  11. You are responsible for any damage to yourself, property, or persons by your misuse of firearms or your actions while on White Birch Armory’s premises. You will be charged $35 per hit after the first hit to the retriever. 

  12. Prior to handling any firearm with which you are unfamiliar, you must notify instructors or range staff.


I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to follow and be bound by all range rules, policies, terms and conditions of White Birch Ammo, LLC.
All rules, policies, terms and conditions can be found in their entirety at wbarmory.com or be provided upon request at the Information Desk. 



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned does hereby execute this document on this

July 13, 2024


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