Lyman 7810370 Brass Smith All-American 8 Kit 8 Hole Cast Iron

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The Brass Smith All-American 8 Press Kit is the most feature-packed, rugged turret press. Starting at the top, the extra-large 8 station turret is machined out of heavy duty cast iron and is equipped with an easily removed turret bolt which makes swapping turrets simple. It will hold two complete 4 die sets or up to four 2 die sets. Below the turret is a rigid cast iron frame, housing a 1″ diameter ram and compound linkage and is large enough to work with even the longest rifle cartridges. The Brass Smith All-American 8 Press comes with a straight line primer feed. For added safety, the primer feed comes with a heavy steel shield which surrounds the primer tubes. The Brass Smith All-American 8 Press is designed for use with any standard 7/8″x14 thread dies and accepts standard shell holders. This kit includes the All-American 8 Turret Press, Brass Smith Powder Measure, Universal Trimmer with 9 of the most popular caliber pilots, 1500 Grain capacity Pocket Touch Digital scale, 50th Ed. Reloading Handbook, Magnum Bullet Puller, Case Prep Multi-Tool, loading block, Case Lube Kit and Powder Dribbler.

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