Lehigh Defense 9mm Luger 105gr Maximum Expansion Ammunition

UPC: 00001350105S

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Our Maximum Expansion® Technology is used to produce projectiles that create the largest wound channels of any bullet you can buy. These cavernous hollow points are designed to expand upon contact with a fluid-based medium through hydraulic energy. They do not expand on dry mediums like wood, drywall, bone, or sheet metal. The expansion process of Lehigh’s Maximum Expansion technology is very different than that of a traditional lead jacketed bullet that expands when it comes in contact with a hard surface – we designed these bullets to expand where the expansion is needed and that is in the vital zone of your intended target.Unequaled expansion providing outstanding terminal performanceLargest expanding bullet in the industry while offering excellent penetrationExceptional accuracy due to state-of-art manufacturing processMachined solid copper bullets not swaged/formedRazor sharp petals for maximum terminal performance

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