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LaserLyte LTC556 Training Tyme AR Laser Trainer Boresight 5.56 Chamber Metal

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The LaserLyte LT-223 laser cartridge trainer fits inside the cartridge chamber and indicates the bullet’s impact with a bright red laser dot. The built-in snap cap protects the firing pin and O-rings hold the laser in place accurately and allow for repeated practice without compromising accuracy. The rimless cartridge trainer will not accidentally eject even with constant racking. The over-sized, ambidextrous charging handle allows for thousands of charges without the finger fatigue commonly found in other charging handles. The rifle can be charged even while shouldered allowing for faster follow-up shots.The charging block is a small round plug that goes in the buffer tube spring that allows only 1.75″ of travel. It is within this short distance that the user can cock the rifle for another laser shot. Motion is kept to a minimum with no over-travel. The charging block also acts as a safety feature since no live round can be chambered from a magazine while it is in place since the bolt is not open enough. When training is complete, eject the LT-223 cartridge laser trainer with the included 32″ push rod. The rod comes in four 8″ segments, easily combined to the proper length.

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