Lag Tactical 3045 Defender IWB/OWB Springfield XD-S 4″ Kydex Black

UPC: 811256023923

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L.A.G. Tactical custom Kydex holster is designed to meet each individual shooter’s preference. The holster is extremely comfortable and designed to keep the gun close to the body, making it easy to conceal carry mid to full size gun in a t-shirt without printing. All of Kydex holsters come standard with both IWB and OWB (inside and outside the waistband) belt loops. This allows you to go from concealed to open carry in minutes with one holster. The Defender features easily adjustable retention and is designed to be so comfortable and lightweight. The easily interchangeable belt loops take you seamlessly from your outside the waistband range set up, to your highly concealable inside the waistband daily carry in no time at all. This model is compatible with Springfield XDS 4″.

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