H3 – Mechanics Reinforcement

Current Price: $189.00

*Pricing and availability are subject to change at any time without notice.

H3 is the gateway into all advanced level courses. Not only will students be introduced to drills with movement incorporated and shooting a handgun with only one hand, but the class ends with a shooting litmus test to help identify if the student has the competence to move on to higher level courses.

Topics Include:

  • Efficiency of handgun manipulation.
  • Accuracy at distance.
  • Clearing basic malfunctions.
  • Multiple target engagement while performing basic movements.

Prerequisites: H2 or equivalent (students can submit certificates from other training facilities to training@wbarmory.com to see if they meet the requirements to enroll in this course).

Ammunition: approximately 250 rounds (not included)

Students are encouraged to bring their own equipment to this course. Equipment required for this course include Handgun, ammunition, OWB holster

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