FN 985612 SCAR 17s NRCH 7.62x51mm NATO 16.25″ 20+1 Black Anodized Rec Black Telescoping Side-Folding with Adjustable Cheek Piece Stock Black A2 Grip Right Hand

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The legendary FN SCAR 17S is upgraded with Non-Reciprocating Charging Handles. The new, dual charging handles enable any shooting position, grip style or optic choice, user swappable in the field. The FN SCAR 17S ensures any braced or barrier-contact position shoots flawlessly. The rugged, monolithic upper receiver with a full-length MIL-STD-1913 rail provides more space for rail-mounted accessories, and a folding buttstock fits any shooter with adjustable length of pull and cheek rest height. The FN SCAR 17S is the benchmark for accuracy and versatility from a light recoiling, piston-driven platform.

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