DESERT TECH DTMDRXSBBDACFE MDRX 300 Blackout 16.12″ 30+1 Black Fixed Bullpup Stock

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The MDRX (Micro Dynamic Rifle Xtreme) is designed for maximum concealment and ambidexterity, allowing operators to return fire at any angle without exposing unnecessary parts of their body to threats. It features upgraded polymer resin to better withstand high impact falls, and improved gas block drainage to ensure maximum reliable performance in water and mud submersion testing. The trigger pull and creep have been reduced to allow for more accurate shooting capability. The flash suppressor was also designed to reduce the flash better than current options found on the M4. Desert Tech’s patented forward-ejection system allows operators to quickly transition between shoulders without any need to reconfigure the rifle. Now operators can respond to threats more quickly and maintain full lethality against threats without sacrificing speed or power.

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