Meet the Team

Sean Manning
Owner / Manager

White Birch Armory was founded in 2014 by Sean Manning. Sean is a Purple Heart recipient who spent 8 years serving with the United States Marine Corps. There, he deployed multiple times to Iraq as a Reconnaissance Marine and Scout Sniper. Before starting WBA, Sean spent 10 years working in the firearms industry as an Engineering Technician and later, Testing & Evaluation Manager. Sean is also a master firearms instructor and Precision Scoped Rifle Competitor. When not running his business, he is often learning new DIY skills or relaxing at his family cottage in ME with his puppy, BOZO.

Business Data Analyst

Jessica joined White Birch Armory in 2018 after working for the New Hampshire Fish & Game for 9 years.  She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of New Hampshire, and is an expert in data collection, laboratory analysis, and data science.  When not working, Jessica is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hunting, fishing, clamming, trapping, and diving with her family and friends. She is often accompanied by her dog, Trigger,

David Guard
Operations Manager

 David served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve for 10 years as a Motor Transport Operations Chief. Dave is an Iraq veteran who also served in Africa and Central America. Before joining White Birch Armory, David worked for 5 years in the firearms industry as an Engineering Technician, Rifle Assembler, and Testing & Evaluation Supervisor.  When not working, David is an avid outdoors-man who can usually be found hiking, fishing, or taking in the NH sites on his motorcycle.

Shelby Hughes
LE Sales / Administrative Support

Shelby has been working in the firearms industry for since 2012. She has extensive experience as an armorer and has held various positions including QC and Range Coordinator at a firearm manufacturer.  In addition to keeping the guys at White Birch in check, Shelby is a full-time mom and crazy cat lady. 

Retail Sales

Kenny has worked in the firearm industry for the past three years. He particularly enjoys working on rifles, but has been known to dabble in pistols time to time. When not working, Kenny can be found with his dog and Fiancé either camping, going to ranges, fishing, or taking day trips around New England.

HR Director

When visiting our store, BOZO is often the first one to greet everyone at the door.  This goofball loves meeting new people and making everyone at White Birch Armory constantly laugh!

Head of Security

Thor’s responsibilities include interrogating the delivery drivers and chasing tennis balls around the warehouse. He might look intimidating but he is really a big teddy bear as many of our customers that have been greeted at the door can attest!

PS. Thor is a huge fan of any Wolf brand ammunition.